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Interconnect Request for Proposal (RFP)

(Monday, November 12, 2012)

Puerto Rico Interconnection Environmental Study - PR-12-13


There is a proposed transmission project which would interconnect the electrical systems of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The purpose of this study is to perform an environmental assessment of the proposed interconnections between the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.


The environmental assessment entails several required studies. These studies are the Bathymetric Study, Benthic Study, Archaeological Investigation, and Landing Site survey. At the completion of each study a report shall be submitted to the project manager. A description of what is required from each study is below.

The Bathymetric Study Requirements:
  • A multi-beam scan and magnetometry mapping.
  • Identification of all existing cables and determination of ownership and whether or not they are active.
  • Investigation and identification of Potential hazards
  • Investigation and identification of naval areas and their unexploded ordinances
  • Investigation and identification of sunken vessels
  • Investigation and identification of designated fishing zones, restricted zones, and dumping zones
The Benthic Study Requirements:
  • Identification of hard substrate which is a potential acropoid coral habitat (and of nominated species)
  • Identification of all Acropora palmata and Acropora cervicornis within the potential impact area by survey or GPS coordinates.
  • Identification of all proposed listed coral within the potential impact area
  • Identification and assessment of coral reefs
  • Identification and assessment of seagrass beds
  • Development of biological assessment
  • Identification of essential fish habitat
  • Identification of significant species within habitat type
  • Identification of potential impacts and mitigation measures
  • Development of monitoring Plans, contingency monitoring
Archeological Study Requirements:
  • Identify archeological resources long routes
  • Investigate anomalies noted during magnetometer survey
  • Investigate proposed beach manhole and conduit locations at landings
Landing site survey:
  • Document current conditions for wetlands, flora and fauna
  • Identify potential turtle nesting areas
  • Develop Mitigation and Monitoring Plans according to site conditions

Additional Information

Find additional information in the following files. Click the links to download and view them. Files are in PDF format.

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