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VIenergize: Important Energy Efficiency Initiatives

(Friday, June 28, 2013)

VIWAPA is working to “VIenergize” the Virgin Islands and to achieve the territory’s mandate of a reduction in the use of fossil fuel 60% by the year 2025.


Important Energy Efficiency Initiatives

  • Conversion to Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Propane)
    The utility is finalizing an agreement with a leading company to supply lower cost and cleaner liquefied petroleum gas (propane) with an anticipated 30% reduction in fuel costs. Conversion to liquefied natural gas (LNG) is planned for the future. Generators will be converted to tri-fuel operation (LPG, LNG, diesel) to maximize on market prices
  • Solar Power
    Signed power purchase agreements with industry leaders Toshiba International Corporation; Lanco Virgin Islands I, LLC and Sun Edison, LLC will bring 18 MW of solar power to St. Thomas and St. Croix by the end of this year
  • Wind Power
    As a component of the territory’s “Clean Energy Road Map” and in partnership with the V. I. Energy Office, wind anemome-ters are currently collecting data to assist WAPA’s release of an RFP for 25MW of wind power early 2014.
  • Interconnection Grid
    Technical studies have confirmed that a transmission project to interconnect the electrical power systems of Puerto Rico, the U.S Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands is feasible An environmental study is next. This project’s potential has broad support including that of the Energy and Climate Part-nership of the Americas and the Connecting the Americas 2022 initiatives.
  • Biomass Project
    Biogas from an anaerobic digestion process will be used to generate 7MW of renewable electricity utilizing a feedstock called giant king grass to be grown on 1000 acres on St. Croix
  • Global Information System and Global Positioning System (GIS/GPS)
    The integration of GPS technology into GIS activities now provides for asset data for all transmission and distribution circuits to link to the Customer Information System (CIS) and for better engineering decisions relative to system loss reduc-tion. GIS/GPS also lays a foundation for the implementation of an Outage Management System (OMS), Automated Meter Reading (AMR-currently operating on water meters), and an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI-smart grid) technology to come online within two years.
  • Energy Services Business Unit
    A grant of $600,000 from the U.S. Department of the Interior has led to the creation of the VIenergize Services and Network to assist customers with energy and water projects to reduce utility bills and lessen USVI dependency on fossil fuels. Educa-tion and training opportunities, technical consultation and financing for energy efficiency installations will be available.

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