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5 MW DC (4.2 MW AC) Photo Voltaic Power Generation Plant

(Monday, June 02, 2014)

Solar Ground Breaking Ceremony

Tuesday, May 13, 2014
10 a.m.
St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

MAIN STREET POWER - Morgan Stanley

Estate Donoe Solar Project

Brochure On June 4, 2012, LANCO VI, LLC. was one of two companies chosen to provide solar energy to the island of St. Thomas by the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (WAPA). At that time solar power purchase and interconnection agreements were signed with three companies. In February 2013, Main Street Morgan Power signed a Consent to Assignment agreement with LANCO VI and assumed full rights and responsibility for the project. With the addition of solar energy, the Authority will be less dependent on expensive fossil fuel. Along with the other solar installations, there will be a total of 18 megawatts (MW) of solar power generated throughout the territory which represents approximately 15% of the territory’s peak load demand. Like several of the other green energy initiatives that the Authority is pursuing, this project will result in lowering energy costs for WAPA customers,

On June 11, 2012 the Public Services Commission (PSC) voted to approve the power purchase agreements (PPAs) that WAPA executed with the solar power providers. Under a revised PPA, Main Street Power Company, Inc. (Main Street Power), a national developer, owner and operator of solar installations, along with MS Solar Solutions Corp. (MSSS), an indirect, wholly owned indirect subsidiary of Morgan Stanley, have partnered to develop, construct, and finance a 5 MW DC (4.2 MW AC) ground-mounted photovoltaic solar power plant and connect this plant direct-ly to the sub transmission circuit.

Construction and operation of the plant offer several other benefits. Environmentally, the renewable energy helps reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in the territory since no fuel is needed to generate the 4.2 MW of power. This helps to reduce the Authority’s carbon footprint at the Randolph Harley Power Plant and improve air quality for the island. The contractor pledges to utilize local labor and technical services during the construction phase. The project will reduce WAPA’s dependence on higher cost energy and diversify away from its reliance on fuel oil. The use of solar power will contribute to a reduction in the fuel surcharge paid by all WAPA customers.

The Donoe Solar project, anticipated to be complete by January of 2015, will be owned by Main Street Power for the next 25 years and will provide as much as 4-5% of St. Thomas’s current base load capacity during daylight hours. With clean, renewable power from the sun, the approximately 7.9 million kilowatt hours of electricity generated annually with this project, will be sold directly to WAPA, helping to combat the ongoing challenge of high energy costs in the territory.

WAPA thanks Main Street Morgan for partnering with us as we continue to bring environmentally friendly options for energy generation in the Virgin Islands.


Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority

Hugo V. Hodge, Jr., CPQ, Executive Director (CEO)

Vernon Alexander, Special Projects Director

Clinton Hedrington, Jr., Director of Transmission & Distribution

Systems Planning
Allyson Gregory, Manager & Cordell Jacobs, Electrical Engineer I

Orville James, Mechanical Engineer II

General Counsel & Contracts Department

Finance Division

Special Thank You to:
Banco Popular, Bank of Nova Scotia and First Bank V.I.

Project Team

Woody Rubin, Main Street Power Company, Inc.,
Senior Vice President & General Counsel

Andrew Brentan, Main Street Power Company, Inc., Project Manager
Jorge Vargas, Morgan Stanley, Vice President

Ed Bossange, Morgan Stanley, Vice President

Mike Goodwin, System 3, Site Manager

Tony Bustos, System 3, Project Manager

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