Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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The Alpine Project

Click here to download the Alpine FAQ's document (PDF, 267 Kb)

Main FAQ

  • Does the site offer any information on safety?

    Yes, please visit the Safety Tips page and browse through the additional pages of the Safety section to get more information on safety.
  • How can I send feedback to WAPA?

  • What if I don't agree with my meter reading?

    When a customer disputes a meter reading, the Authority shall revisit the meter location and determine if the current meter reading is in line with the billed meter reading. If the billed meter reading was found to be inaccurate, the Authority shall cancel the incorrect bill and issue the customer a corrected bill.

  • What is the process for requesting a meter test?

    The Authority shall, upon written request of the customer, test the accuracy of the Authority’s meter in their (or authorized representative’s) presence.  When the customer desires, either personally or through a representative to witness the testing of the meter, they may require the meter to be sealed in their presence at the time of its removal, which seal shall not to be broken until the test is made in their presence. A report of such test shall be made to the customer and a complete record of such test shall be kept on file.