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Contract for Residential Service

The customer, upon the filing of his/her application, payment of applicable fees and charges and the furnishing of an easement or permission of the property owner, must execute a contract with the Authority for potable water or electric service. The Authority will endeavor to provide service to the customer in the order written contracts are executed. 

Large Power ("LP") Contract

A Contract for large power service shall be for a term of no less than two (2) years, and be based on the Customer having an electric service demand and actual use of at least twenty-five (25) kilowatts. If the Customer reduces his electric demand to under twenty-five (25) kilowatts within a two (2) year period, then the Customer shall be billed for the cost of the excess capacity for the remainder of the Contract period. After expiration of the Contracts if the Customer has overestimated the demand, the Authority, at its option, may require the Customer to reimburse the Authority for the cost of installing the additional capacity.  

Advance Notice of Service Needs

The Customer should inform the Authority in writing as early as possible of the Customer's anticipated need for potable water and electric service on his/her premises so that the Authority may properly plan delivery of the same. When the location of a customer's premises is outside of the potable water or electric distribution system of the Authority, he/she should be advised as early as possible in order to ascertain when the Authority will be able to provide the service to his/her the premises.

Service Requirements