Residential Permanent Power

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Services this applies to: Residential.

Permanent Power

  1. Proof of ownership or tenancy:

    • Copy of lease or deed
    • Landlord’s notarized verification
    • Property Tax Receipt
  2. Personal identification, (e.g. driver’s license, Voter’s registration I.D., employee I.D., or passport) of person signing application for service.

  3. Name of the former tenant / owner or meter number.

  4. Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection from the Department of Planning and Natural Resources is required for applicants of new electrical service or any substantial change to an existing service.

  5. Verification of the marking of the plot number and directions to the site.

  6. Power of Attorney or notarized statement is required in those cases where one is acting as the agent of another.

PLEASE NOTE: Commercial accounts shall be opened in the legal name of any business entity applying for electrical/potable water service(s): e.g. corporate name, D/B/A, or trade name.