Water Contract Requirements

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Services this applies to: Residential, Commercial, Large Power.

Potable Water Service

  1. Proof of ownership or tenancy:

    • Copy of lease or deed
    • Landlord’s notarized verification
    • Property Tax Receipt
  2. Personal identification, (e.g. driver’s license, Voter’s registration I.D., employee I.D., or passport) of person signing application for service.

  3. Name of the former tenant / owner or meter number.

  4. For new potable water service, an Inspector’s report is required. This is to verify that potable water is available in a specific area.

  5. Power of Attorney or notarized statement is required in those cases where one is acting as the agent of another.

  6. Corporation – A resolution allowing the applicant to act as an agent of the company Sole proprietorship – Trade Name from Lt. Governor’s Office.

PLEASE NOTE: Commercial accounts shall be opened in the legal name of any business entity applying for electrical/potable water service(s): e.g. corporate name, D/B/A, or trade name.