Rules and Regulations

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The Virgin Islands Water & Power Authority (“Authority”) desires to render safe, dependable, adequate and economical potable water or electric service to its customers. These Rules and Regulations (“Regulations”) are intended to serve as a guide to customers of the Authority in which to secure or maintain potable water or electric service.

These Regulations are not intended to serve as construction guides except to:

  1. locate the delivery point of potable water or electric service to the customer’s premises;

  2. locate meters where they can be read or serviced conveniently and safely by the Authority, and;

  3. provide guidelines for appropriate potable water or electric code compliance as illustrated in the corresponding service schematics enclosed at the end of these Regulations.

*The Authority’s Rules and Regulations are currently under revision. Once approved by the Virgin Islands Public Service Commission they will be published on this site.

Existing Rules and Regulations are available in booklet form in our Customer Services Offices throughout the territory.