Hurricane Restoration Update Details

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Hurricane Restoration 12-28 Update

(Thursday, December 28, 2017)


  • The restoration effort continued across the territory Thursday with 261 customers restored. The additional customers were reenergized in the following areas:

    • St. Croix: (127 customers) Whim, Carlton, Carlton Garden, St. Georges Hill, Two Brothers, Upper Love, Plessen and Bugby Hole.

    • St. John: (25 customers) Enighed, Pine Peace and Upper Carolina.

    • St. Thomas: (129 customers) Nazareth, Peterborg, Smith Bay, Frydenhoj, and Murphy Gade.

  • Crews will continue restoration work in the following locations through the weekend:

    • On St. Croix: Anna’s Hope, Barren Spot, Belvedere, Bethlehem, Bethlehem/Middle Works, Bethlehem/New Works, Betsy’s Jewel, Brooks Hill, Calquahoun, Cane Bay, Cane Valley, Carlton, Cassava Gardens, Castle Coakley, Castle Nugent, Catherine’s Rest, Catherine’s Hope, Clairmont, Concordia, Constitution Hill, Cotton Grove, Diamond, Diamond Ruby, Glynn, Golden Grove, Golden Rock, Granard, Grange Garden, Great Pond, Grove Place, Herbert Grigg, Hibiscus Point, Hogensborg, Howard Wall Camp, Industrial Park, Jolly’s Hill, Judith’s Fancy, Karaval, Kingshill, La Grande Princesse, La Vallee, Little Fountain, Little La Grange, Longford, Lorraine Village, Lower Love, Mon Bijou, Morning Star, Mountain, Mount Pellier, Mount Pleasant, Negro Bay, North Shore Road, Peter’s Rest, Petronella, Plessen, Reflection Bay, River, Sally’s Fancy, Smithfield, Springfield, St. John, Two Williams, Union & Mount Washington, Upper Bethlehem, Upper Love, Whim and Work & Rest.

    • On St. John: Carolina, Upper Carolina at Cereus Court, East End Road, Mamey Peak, National Park South East, Stonehouse on Upper Carolina, Chicago Hill and Ben Runnels Gut.

    • On St. Thomas: Annas Retreat, Bakkero, Blackbeard’s Hill, Bolongo, Bonne Resolution, Bovoni, Bovoni Landfill, Coki Point Beach, Contant, Crown Bay, Deck Point Road, Dorothea, Estate Elizabeth, Hope, Hull, Pearl, Frenchman’s Bay, Frydendahl, Frydenhoj, Hassel Island, Hidden Valley, Hill Street, Hospital Ground, Hull Bay, Kongens Gade, Krum Bay, Lerkenlund, Lilliendahl & Marienhoj, Lindbergh Bay, Magens Bay Road, Mandahl, Mariendahl, Misgunst, Nazareth, Vessup Bay, Nazareth Bay Road, Neltjberg, Norre Gade, Nye Gade, Peterborg, Red Hook Road, Rhymer Highway / Donoe, Ridge Road, Rosendahl, Sapphire Village, Smith Bay, Solberg, St. Joseph & Rosendahl, St. Peter, Subbase, Taarneberg, Tabor & Harmony, Tutu, Vessup Lane, Wintberg, and Yacht Club Road.

  • A No Customer Left Behind campaign has been launched and is aimed at reconnecting all customers who can be restored to the electric grid, and who may have been bypassed during the first phase of service restoration. This initiative is at the present time only for customers on St. John. Similar campaigns will be launched for St. Thomas and St. Croix as we get closer to the end of restoration on those islands. A No Customer Left Behind telephone hotline number, 340-715-8020, has been established for St. John customers to call. The customer’s information will be collected by a WAPA employee on St. John, and will then be channeled to the appropriate divisions so restoration can be scheduled. The goal is once a customer makes contact with the No Customer Left Behind hotline, assuming all documentation is in order, that customer will be restored within 72 hours.

  • The customer service office on St. John, located at The Marketplace, is now open from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. All services will be available at this location.

  • Restoration and hurricane debris removal crews are staged across the islands. Motorists are asked to exercise caution when driving through the work areas and to heed the directions of flaggers and VIPD officers who are assisting with traffic control.

  • Residents are reminded of the need to shut off standby generators when line crews are in your neighborhood restoring electrical service. A standby generator has the potential to back feed electricity to the grid which poses a severe safety risk to restoration crews.


  • There are five days of emergency water storage on St. John, eight days on St. Thomas, and five days on St. Croix.


  • WAPA telephone contact: St. Thomas – St. John district, 340-774-3552; St. Croix district, 340-773-2250.

  • Customer Service Offices operate Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. at Sunny Isle on St. Croix, at Port of Sale Mall on St. Thomas and at The Marketplace on St. John.

  • The latest information on the restoration effort is available on this website and on Facebook: Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority.

  • We continue to Recover, Rebuild and Restore. WAPA… Working for You!!

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