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Information About Your WAPA Bill

(Tuesday, March 06, 2018)

Don't let your bill become a  burden... Stay informed!

WAPA has resumed issuing bills for electric and potable water service.

Some customers will receive bills representing their true consumption of electricity and some will receive estimated bills. All potable water bills will be estimated.

While the billing period on your bill reflects a service period of September 6th to the date the meter was read, approximately 130 days, customers are only being charged for the electricity they have used from the day their service was restored to the day the meter was read.

Payment plans for up to three months will be made available to customers on a case by case basis.

Estimated bills will represent 30 days of consumption based on an average of the customer's utility bill between April-July 2017.

Once our automated metering equipment is restored and fully functional, WAPA will resume automated readings from our smart meters. Customer accounts will be reconciled and credit for payments will be applied to the account.

Note: For billing questions or concerns, contact our Customer Service offices at Sunny Isle, St. Croix; Port of Sale, St. Thomas; and The MarketPlace, St. John.

Information about your WAPA bill pamphlet