Automated Standpipe

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Procedures for Establishing a VIWAPA Private or Commercial User Account

  1. StandpipePrivate or Commercial Users can establish an Account to utilize the Authority’s Automated Standpipes by contacting the Authority’s Business Office (in person) on their respective island. Only the Private or Commercial User Owner or Owner’s Representative can establish, modify or terminate an Account – but not before providing a copy of their Driver’s License (Private), Business License and Articles of Incorporation (Businesses), when establishing a new Account.

  2. Private or Commercial Users can purchase a Private or Commercial User Swipe Card(s) for general use. The Authority charges an administrative fee of $5.00 for each new, damaged, misplaced or stolen Swipe Card.

  3. Private or Commercial Users will be limited to using only the smaller loading facility, and must bring their own garden hose for use at the loading facility.

  4. As a condition to utilize the Authority’s Automated Standpipes, the Private or Commercial User shall execute an Affidavit (attached as Appendix A) in which they agree to adhere to the Authority’s Automated Standpipe Terms and Conditions (attached as Appendix B). Specifically, Private or Commercial Users shall agree:

    1. To only use the Swipe Card for personal or commercial use as defined below.
    2. To use the water for construction or other non-potable water purposes. Alternatively, the water may be used for agricultural or residential purposes provided the tanks or containers are rated to carry potable water.
    3. To indemnify and hold the Authority harmless for utilizing the Authority’s standpipe facilities.


Procedures for Utilizing the VIWAPA Automated Standpipes:

  1. The Automated Standpipe system operates in a “Pre-paid” environment:

    1. Customers have the option of updating “value” (not a water balance) on their Account at the Automated Standpipe utilizing their debit or credit card; or, updating their Account at the Authority’s Business Office with cash, debit card, credit card, check or money order.
    2. Water drawn from the Automated Standpipe is charged at the current month’s Commercial Base and LEAC rates.  
  2. To receive water at the Authority’s standpipe facilities, the Customer – upon arrival – must align the vehicle for loading at the loading facility. Certified Water Haulers will have unlimited access to the large and small loading facilities. Private or Commercial Users will be limited to using the small loading facility only.

  3. Certified Water Haulers will insert the downpipe into their Tank and strap the other end of the downpipe onto the large Standpipe Arm; the Private or Commercial User will connect their garden hose to the small Standpipe Spigot and insert the other end of the hose into their tank.

  4. To energize the system, the Customer:

    1. Walks up to the control box at the Standpipe Enclosure.
    2. Selects No. 1 for the large Standpipe Arm or No. 2 for the small Standpipe Spigot, and then proceeds to swipe their card.
    3. Enters their security PIN number.
    4. Presses the green button to start the flow of water. Customers utilizing the Standpipe Arm will have the option of slowing the flow (to approximately 100 GPM) by pressing the yellow button.
    5. Presses the red button to terminate the flow of water.  
  5. The Customer then demobilizes by inversely removing the downpipe or their garden hose.

  6. The Customer – at their discretion – can request a receipt by:

    1. Walking up to the control box at the Standpipe Enclosure.
    2. Selecting the Print Receipt option.
    3. Swiping their card.
    4. Entering their security PIN number.
    5. Selecting the desired transaction from a list of previous transactions.
    6. Removing the printed receipt. Receipts can be reprinted if lost or damaged.  
  7. If the Automated Standpipe system malfunctions, Customers should contact the Water Department’s emergency number – on their respective island – immediately. Emergency contact information is posted at each Automated Standpipe location.