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Unplanned Outages

The Virgin Islands Water & Power Authority will make reasonable provisions to insure satisfactory and continuous service, but does not guarantee a continuous supply of electrical energy and shall not be liable for damage occasioned by interruptions of service or failure to commence delivery caused by an act of God or the public enemy, or for any caused reasonably beyond its control, including, but not limited to the failure or breakdown of generating or transmitting facilities, flood, fire, strikes, or action or order of any agency having jurisdiction in the premises, or for interruptions which are necessary for inspection, repair, or changes in the generating equipment or transmission and distribution system of the Authority .

Please report outages as follows:

  • Normal working hours: 8 a.m. to 5p.m.
    St. Thomas/St. John 774-3552 ● St. Croix 340-773-2250

  • Emergency or After Hours
    St. Thomas/St. John 340-774-1424 ● St. Croix 340-773-0150

Note: Print this page (using the print button above), or write these contact numbers down and keep the note handy.

Planned Outages

Certain outages are planned to allow our crews to safely repair, upgrade or maintain, our equipment. When we must turn off your power we make every effort to provide advance notice by media. We appreciate your patience during such inconveniences and in most cases service enhancements.