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WAPA Continues Hurricane Omar Restoration on Tuesday

(Monday, October 20, 2008)

Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority line crews will continue restoration efforts in the following areas of St. Croix on Tuesday:

  • Feeder #2: Tide Village, Boetzburg, Shoys, east end St. Croix (pole installation)
  • Feeder #3: Department of Public Works, Work and Rest
  • Feeder #4 Rattan, Little Princess Hill, Strawberry
  • Feeder #6 Cannan Ridge, Clairmont, LaValle, Betsy’s Jewel, Scenic Road East, St. John, Glynn
  • Feeder #8 Long Point, Good Hope School area, Mars Hill, Hannah’s Rest, Two Brothers, Two Williams, Williams Delight, Whim, Cane Valley
  • Feeder #9 St. George Hill Antenna
  • Feeder #10 LaGrange, Calquohoun Hill
Every effort will be made to energize as many of these areas as completely as possible on Tuesday.

Water customers are reminded to boil potable water intended for drinking until further notice.

The public is reminded not to touch power lines on the ground or dangling from utility poles.

WAPA continues to have limited telephone lines due to a damaged telephone cable leading into the Richmond Plant. Customers can call the emergency call center at 713-9272, 773-0150 or 773-2250 and press 5 for the call center or zero (0) for the operator.