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WAPA Informs Customers About October Billing

(Friday, October 31, 2008)

The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority is advising its St. Thomas and St. Croix customers of the following issues concerning October billings:

Billing statements with payment due dates of October 27 going forward for customers on several routes of St. Thomas Cycles 51 and 52 were apparently not received by those customers. Delinquent notices have been sent to those customers; however, these notices were issued in the original amount without late payment charges. While no late charges are included, payment will be expected within 10 days of the notice date in order to avoid disconnection.

Customers needing a break down of the total charges on the delinquent notices can get one online at if they already have a PIN number, or can request a statement by sending an email to Customers can also fax 714-7676 with their request or may come into the Customer Service Office in Sub base.

Customers without a PIN are invited to apply for one on WAPA’s website as useful information concerning their accounts, including consumption history, is readily available and payments can be made.

On St. Croix, due to Hurricane Omar, meters on cycles 3 through 16 were not read during the period of October 15 to October 31, while meter readers were re-assigned to assist in power restoration. While meter reading on St. Croix will commence on Monday, November 3, those customers who were not read in October will receive an estimated bill, which will be due in November. These estimates will take into account the reduced electricity consumption after the Hurricane. Customers in the same cycles will also receive a second bill in November which will balance the estimated bill and will be due in December.

The Authority appreciates the understanding of its customers concerning these billing matters.