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WAPA’s Anna’s Retreat Potable Waterline Expansion Project Section 1 Under Construction

(Tuesday, March 01, 2011)

    The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority is reminding St. Thomas residents that Tip Top Construction has started work on the Anna’s Retreat Phase I Waterline Expansion Project. Crews will work weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. until Section 1 of the project is completed in April.

    Tip Top Construction will excavate trenches and lay pipe from Route 384 in Old Tutu along McGregor Lane and Olson Road to Route 40-Donoe Bypass.  To maintain safety in the area, designated roads will be closed to traffic during construction hours; however, area residents will be allowed access.   Motorists are asked to obey signage and flaggers, and to travel other available roads from Old Tutu to the Donoe Bypass.  A Tip Top representative will inform Anna’s Retreat residents of the dates their immediate sections will be constructed.

    The Authority appreciates the public’s cooperation during this capital project, and will make every effort to minimize inconvenience to residents, motorists and pedestrians.  

For more information contact WAPA’s Project Coordinator Gabriel Dore at (340) 774-3552 Ext. 2015 or Tip Top Construction’s Project Manager Ivan Diaz at (340)714-2545.


   The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority in partnership with the Virgin Islands Government is undertaking the Anna’s Retreat Phase I Waterline Expansion project.  It is the largest residential expansion undertaken by the Authority since operation of the potable water system was transferred to the Authority from the V.I. Department of Public Works in January 1988.  The project has a construction cost of $4.3 million and is funded by the Tutu Aquifer Settlement Fund ($1.5 million), the Virgin Islands Government ($2.5 Million), and the Virgin lslands Water & Power Authority ($0.3 million).

    Approximately 25,700 feet of PVC pipe will be installed in the Anna’s Retreat Heights area (between Route 40 Donoe By Pass Road at Home Town to Old Tutu-Route 384 and Gomez Elementary School).  The project will service 370 residences in the Anna’s Retreat Heights area. This project is the first phase of a three phase project which will eventually total 60,000 feet of pipe installed and 800 plus residences serviced.

    The water distribution system is designed to be gravity fed from WAPA’s Donoe Water Storage Tank.  Gravity feeding saves on energy and provides steady state operation which improves reliability.  Pressure-reducing stations are strategically placed within the distribution system to reduce the high pressures accordingly.  The water meters will be equipped with Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) technology which will allow WAPA to read the meters over a fixed network from base.  The time allotted for the project is 425 calendar days with an expected completion in December 2011.