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(Friday, May 20, 2011)



          The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority is reminding the public not to touch power lines that may be lying on the ground or dangling from a pole.  “We need the public to understand that there are potential shock hazards associated with electrical distribution equipment,” said Hugo Hodge, Jr.  WAPA’s Executive Director (CEO).

          “Please stay away from electrical transmission and distribution power lines. High voltage transmission and distribution lines carry a lot of energy or power and must be treated very carefully or the results can be fatal.” urged Hodge. WAPA’s line personnel are specially trained to handle this kind of work and have the proper personal protective equipment to do so.

          If a power line falls on your car, stay inside unless the car catches fire.  In such a case, jump clear of the car without touching metal and the ground at the same time.

          If someone comes in contact with a live power line, the only safe thing to do is call WAPA immediately. WAPA’s emergency numbers are 773-0150 on St. Croix and 774-1424 on St. Thomas/St. John and Water Island.