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WAPA Continues Service Interruption to Several St. Thomas Feeders

(Wednesday, July 06, 2011)





Virgin Islands Water and Power plant personnel are working to bring Unit #23 back on line after it tripped earlier today. Service has been interrupted to several feeders until  7:00 p.m.


Feeder 10B – Bolongo, Frenchman’s Reef, portions of Estate Thomas, Flag Hill and other neighboring areas.


Feeder 6A – Crown Mountain, Fortuna, portions of Estate Pearl, Bordeaux and other neighboring areas.


Feeder 9D – Bovoni, portions of Nadir, Frydenhoj and other neighboring areas.


Feeder 8A –  Estate Ross, Garden Street, portions of Hospital Ground and other neighboring areas.

WAPA regrets the service interruptions and will restore feeders as soon as possible.