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WAPA ALERT: Service Interrupted to Several St. Thomas Feeders

(Sunday, August 28, 2011)

Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority plant personnel are working to bring Unit #23, at the Randolph Harley Power Plant, back on line after a problem caused the unit to shutdown unexpectedly. Service interruptions to some feeders were put into effect as technicians work to restore the unit to full operation. WAPA hopes to have service repaired by tonight.  The following feeders have been affected:

Feeder 7A – Altona &Welgunst, Dorothea, Liliendahl, Hull Bay and other neighboring areas.

Feeder 7C – Cassi Hill, Smith Bay, New Tutu, Old Tutu and other neighboring areas.

Feeder 8A – Estate Ross, Garden Street, portions of Hospital Ground and other neighboring areas.

Feeder 8B – Annas Retreat, Donoe Bypass, Polyberg and other neighboring areas.

Feeder 9D – Bolongo Bay, Bovoni, Frenchman’s Bay, Thomasville and other neighboring areas.


WAPA regrets the service interruptions and will restore feeders as soon as possible.