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Rotating Service Interruption to St. Thomas Feeders 9:15 A.M. Update

(Tuesday, April 24, 2012)

Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority plant personnel continue to work to bring Unit #23 online, at the Randolph Harley Power Plant, after it tripped off-line yesterday. Service is currently interrupted to feeders # 6A, #7A and portions of #8B.

Feeder #6A includes Bonne Esperance, Bordeaux Lindberg Bay, Nisky, Scott Free, Fortuna, Hope and neighboring areas.

Feeder #7A includes Agnes Fancy, Altona & Welgunst, Lerkenlund, Liliendahl, Misgunst, Estate Pear, St. Peter Mountain Road and neighboring areas.

Portions of Feeder #8B including Mafolie, Ross Estate, Skyline Drive, Wintberg, St. Joseph & Rosendahl and neighboring areas.

The following feeders will then experience an outage from approximately 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.:

Feeder #7D includes Emerald Hill, Frydendahl, Point Pleasant, Red Hook, Smith Bay and neighboring areas.

Ridge Road Feeder includes Secret Harbor, Cabrita Point, Ridge Road and neighboring areas.

Feeder #9C includes Brookman, Fort Mylner, Langsmath, Mariendahl, Nadir, Donoe, Wintberg Peak and neighboring areas.

Service may also be interrupted to feeders #9D and #10B serving the southern side of the island. Every effort will be made to restore service as soon as possible. The Authority appreciates the patience of its customers and apologizes for the inconvenience.