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Consolidated Information Release on VI Roadway Construction Projects

(Friday, March 22, 2013)


The Office of the Governor met this week with representatives of government agencies and departments as well as private sector companies and agreed to begin a joint messaging campaign to alert the public of construction projects that will adversely affect traffic and as a result, delay traffic movement across the islands.

“At the present time, the Virgin Islands Next Generation Network, Water and Power Authority, Waste Management Authority and Innovative have projects underway primarily on St. Croix,” Governor John P. de Jongh, Jr. said on Friday, adding, “I thought it best that my office should act as a coordinating entity to gather the information from all entities and put forward a comprehensive update to the public as to how traffic flow will be adversely affected.”

De Jongh said that beginning today Government House will issue the comprehensive report for the week ahead in hopes of providing advance notice to the motoring public about traffic pattern changes to accommodate the construction work.

The comprehensive reports will be provided via traditional news outlets, utilizing VI Alert as well as the VITEMA and Office of the Governor web sites. When necessary, the VI Police Department will also issue advisories to the motoring public as regards major traffic flow changes in and around the various construction sites.


Innovative is currently working on two projects that will not affect the flow of traffic over the next few weeks on St. Croix:

Southgate to Cotton Valley Project

Innovative construction crews began performing excavation work along Route 82 (East End Road) starting at Southgate and ending at the Cotton Valley Remote this week. This project will take six weeks to complete.

Sion Farm to Christiansted Project

Innovative construction crews are installing fiber optic cable along Route 70 (Queen Mary Highway) to King Street in Christiansted, most of the work will be done on the shoulder of the road. The project is scheduled for completion on April 5.

At the present time, Innovative does not have any projects on St. Thomas and St. John that will affect the traffic flow.


Christiansted Underground Project Phase II

Week of March 24-30, 2013

The major civil work on this project is complete. WAPA is now awaiting an easement agreement for one location on Strand Street between Queen Cross and King Cross Streets. Once work commences, the trenching work will be on private property however, there may be very brief traffic flow interruptions when a piece of heavy equipment is being positioned to enter the site.

Charlotte Amalie Hazard Mitigation Project

This is also an undergrounding project

THURSDAY 3/21/13 TO SUNDAY 4/1/2013

WAPA will be excavating for an electrical duct bank in the parking area along Veteran’s Drive in front of Foot Locker to Down Island Trader and installing a manhole to make connections to the Raadets Gade duct bank already installed. This work will be mostly at night with limited day work. Pedestrian traffic will be unaffected. There will be limited or no vehicular traffic affected in this area. During excavation some parking spaces will be secured.

WEDNESDAY 3/20/13 TO SUNDAY 3/24/13

Crews will be excavating at night for an electrical duct bank in the area of Store Tvaer Gade with limited or no interruption to vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

WEDNESDAY 3/20/13 TO SUNDAY 4/14/2013

Night work continues in alley ways on Raadets Gade with no obstructions. Raadets Gade is open to all traffic.

Terminations of high voltage cables and pad mount transformer installations are ongoing in several areas such as Dronnigens Gade, Hibiscus Alley, Store Tvaer Gade, Raadets Gade, Veteran’s Drive and A.H. Riise area at night until June 2013. There will be minimum or no vehicular traffic interruptions. Pedestrian traffic will be allowed in all areas.

There are no traffic flow interruptions scheduled for during the Carnival season.

At this time, no regular water or power line maintenance projects are scheduled for next week.


On St. Thomas, trenching continues along the Weymouth Rhymer Highway (Route 38).

Nightly trenching at the top of Raphune Hill will be completed by 6:00 a.m., March 21, 2013. Concurrently, on March 21, 2013, trenching will commence from Edith Williams Elementary School to near Fort Mylner Shopping Center. The highway will be close to vehicular traffic from 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

Nightly trenching along the Weymouth Rhymer Highway will be completed by 6:00 a.m., March 23, 2013.

Motorists are asked to follow traffic directions for the safety of crews, pedestrians and other drivers.

On St. Croix, trenching will commence from Orange Grove Intersection along Route 75 passing along Bingo Hall and Richmond Post Office to the intersection Kings Street and Contentment Road.

Innerduct and fiber pulling will commence from Route 68 (Hess Road) and Route 70 (Queen Mary Highway) to Orange Grove Intersection (Route 75).

Aerial will commence from Divi Carina Bay Resort along Route 60, westward towards Union and Mount Washington then along Route 624 and finally along Route 66 (South Shore Road) to Estate Humbug and Estate Catherine Rest.


The VI Waste Management Authority (VIWMA) advises residents of the planned road closure and lane reduction as part of the LBJ Phases 2 & 3 Force Main Sewer Line Rehabilitation Project.

• There will be nightly lane closures beginning at 7pm and ending no later than 5am each morning. The lane will be closed in 1000-foot intervals. Active work areas will be secured daily with barricades with reflective surfaces. Temporary road closures will occur in 20-minute intervals to allow for road crossing to complete a connection.

The road and land closures for this week include the following:

• Queen Mary Highway, ROUTE 70: starting on Friday, March 22nd at 7pm, the road will be reduced to one lane beginning at the entrance to Queste Verde Condominiums for 1000 ft; the entire road will be closed for a 20 minute window in order to install the pump around piping in the trench.

• Queen Mary Highway, ROUTE 70: starting on Saturday, March 23rd thru Sunday, April 7th, at 7pm, the road will be reduce to one lane beginning at the entrance to Queste Verde Condominiums northward to the intersection by Golden Rock Shopping Center in 1000ft intervals each day.

The schedule may be modified at any time due to inclement weather.

The LBJ Force Main Phases 2 & 3 Project includes the installation of 4500 linear feet of a structural liner inside of the existing 24-inch ductile iron sewer line pipe. The project travel east along Northside Road (Route 75) and south along Queen Mary Highway (Route 70). The project will end in the vicinity of the intersection of Queen Mary Highway and the entrance to Queste Verde Condominiums by Beeston Hill.

Motorists are asked to adhere to the directives of the flagmen and to reduce vehicular speed when approaching the construction zone. Motorists are also encouraged to use alternate routes during this construction period.

The Authority apologizes for any inconvenience this project may cause as we strive to improve the wastewater infrastructure in the area.

For more information, contact the Office of Communications Management at 715-9110 or 690-4218.

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