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WAPA Urges Residents to Be Prepared When Calling the Customer Call Centers

(Thursday, June 20, 2013)

The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority

 Corporate Communications


 Contact:  Jerain Fleming, Public Information Officer

 340-774-3552 extension 2065 or 340-244-1245 /

 Wednesday, June 19, 2013

        The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority urges residents to have the necessary documentation and/or information ready to give the customer service representative, prior to making their call to the Customer Call Centers. 

         According to Monique Richards, Customer Service Director, the Call Centers experience an extremely high volume of calls, particularly during peak hours. “We understand that long wait times or busy phone lines are not a welcomed experience for customers,” said Richards.  In an effort to minimize the inconvenience of such occurrences, WAPA recommends that callers be prepared by taking the following steps when contacting the utility:

 -        It is best to have your bill accessible prior to making the call, it contains all of your pertinent information

 -        If your bill is not readily accessible, have your account number ready to give to the customer service representative

 -        Have your residential address (as it appears on your bill) available

 -        Be prepared with the information to update your file when prompted by the customer service representative

 -        Be prepared to clearly state the reason for your call

        “When coming to the business offices to make payments, it is important to bring the billing statement, as cashiers will be able to quickly move the line along,” Richards said.  The Authority aims to ensure that all customers receive expedient service. Adhering to these recommendations will help to make the customer experience faster and easier.

        Residents can also utilize the Authority’s website at to make payments or send an email with questions or concerns to  Richards noted that there will be useful information periodically included in the monthly statement.  She invites all customers to review the most recent bills which record a 13 month history of consumption as well as instructions on how to read the electric meter, which can both assist in better energy use planning in a home or business.