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St. Thomas Service Interruptions

(Friday, September 06, 2013)

The Water and Power Authority announces the following areas or sections of feeders listed below are currently without power due to inclement weather. Line crews are working diligently to restore service to these areas as quickly as possible.

• Feeder 6B - Transformer Sparking: Boy Scout Building

• Feeder 7A - Partial Power: Est. Elizabeth 33-4   

• Feeder 7C - Housing Authority

• Feeder 7C - Fluctuation Power: Mandahl 11AA

• Feeder 9D - Mariendahl; 

• Feeder 9C - Weather head Sparking: Nadir 13-6

• Feeder 9C - Pole down: Mandahl by Yvonne Bowsky School (There are no customers without power)

If you are experiencing service interruption in your area but not listed above, please call 774-1424 or go to and select the “outage center” button.

The Authority apologizes for any inconvenience caused by these interruptions.