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St. Croix Water Alert - Repairs in Progress

(Monday, December 02, 2013)

Water service was interrupted to Mid-Island St. Croix today due to a mainline break on the Queen Mary Highway, west of the Superior Court.  The interruption affected customers in the areas of the Aureo Diaz housing community, Castle Burke, Golden Grove, Adventure, Paradise, and Mt. Pleasant.  The Charles H. Emanuel, Evelyn Williams and Eulalie Rivera Schools were also affected.

While Water and Power Authority crews began excavating and making repairs at the site of the break in the Castle Burke area, crews were also able to reroute water service to several customers. By 4 p.m. the lower lying areas between Estate Paradise and Estate Mountain (which will give water to the Eulalie Rivera and Evelyn Williams Schools) were expected to have water service, as were the Aureo Diaz housing community, the Superior Court and the Charles Emanuel School. Once all repairs are completed by tonight, service to the area between Paradise and the Superior Court will be fully restored as well.

Motorists are asked to observe directions in the area while crews work to restore service as quickly as possible. 

The Authority apologizes for any inconvenience caused to its water customers in the affected areas and especially to the students, staff and parents of the three schools.   Such breaks are caused by an aging piping system and WAPA is working daily to maintain the system and to improve the system as funds become available.