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WAPA Announces Shortlisted Companies for Solar Power Projects

(Thursday, April 03, 2014)

In December 2013, the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for 9MW of solar power generation: 3MW for STT/STJ and 6MW on STX.   The date for submission of proposals for the solar RFP was Friday, February 28 at noon.  By 12:00 p.m. on Friday, February 28, the Authority received proposals on the solar RFP from nine companies that either bid on one or both solar generation projects. Proposals were received for St. Thomas from: Solential Energy Solutions, Pure Logic, Toshiba International Corporation, CGC Inc., and 1st Sun Energy.  Proposals were received for St. Croix from: Solential Energy Solutions, Toshiba International Corporation, CGC Inc., Project Navigator, Microgrid Solar, 1st Sun Energy, Sybac Solar and Foresight Renewable Solutions/Caribbean Energy Opportunities.

A committee was then selected to evaluate the bid submissions and prepare a short-list of respondents for negotiation.  The shortlisted bidders selected from the Solar RFP are: Toshiba International, Solential Energy Solutions, CGC Inc., Caribbean Energy Opportunities, Microgrid Solar and Pure Logic.  The company or companies selected to provide solar power to WAPA will build, install and maintain their system, and will bear the responsibility of technological upgrades as warranted.

WAPA Executive Director Hugo V. Hodge, Jr. said, “I am extremely pleased with the quality of the proposals we have received and the Authority remains committed to diversifying its energy portfolio by bringing renewable and alternative energy sources to the grid.”