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WAPA Advises of Blasting Activities at St. Thomas Plant Site

(Tuesday, April 08, 2014)

The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority, in preparation for the upcoming switch to propane for power generation, is moving forward with its LPG construction project at the St. Thomas Randolph Harley Plant. Beginning on Wednesday, April 9, and continuing for the next 30 days, the Authority’s contractor Vitol will conduct blasting on the hillside southwest of the WAPA facility. Blasting activities will be carried out once a day, with the exception of Saturdays, Sundays and the Easter holidays.

Demex Environmental Group, a blasting contractor that has been subcontracted by Vitol to undertake the work, will conduct the blasting at 9:30 a.m. each day, barring any unforeseen circumstances which may cause a delay. In such cases, the blasting will occur at 12:30 p.m. These scheduled activities will be carried out with very small charges which will result in very small blasts. The Authority has conducted all necessary safety awareness workshops and drills at the Plant facility over the past several days to ensure awareness and safety of WAPA employees and the facility. We do not anticipate any flying objects or any effect on the public or WAPA’s active plant site.

During these scheduled blasts, traffic on the roadway beside the WAPA facilities, leading to the airport, will be restricted to authorized personnel only. We are advising the general public that the roadway between WAPA’s plant and Arians Bar, at the entrance of the Texaco bulk storage terminal, will be heavily traversed by trucks moving material from the blast site to a temporary storage area. We are asking motorists to avoid the area if possible, or to use an alternate route to avoid delays.

For more information on WAPA’s switch to propane, visit or