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Revised - WAPA Board Approves Unit #17 Major Overhaul

(Friday, April 25, 2014)

UPDATED: STX Security Company

WAPA Board Approves Unit #17 Major Overhaul

The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority Governing Board on Thursday approved the major overhaul of Unit #17 gas turbine at the St. Croix Estate Richmond Power Plant. Per OEM specifications, unit 17 was scheduled for its regular maintenance cycle this year. It is one of three units at the Richmond Plant set up for combined cycle operation. The project to perform the maintenance and repair of this unit is planned for three phases. Phase I will entail disassemble and inspection of the unit, phase II will include the repairs to known major components, and phase III will entail repairs based on inspection deficiencies found in the scope of work for phase I. Timely completion of the major inspection and repair of unit #17, at a total budgeted cost of approximately $2.6 million, will ensure the unit is ready for the conversion to propane.

In Thursday’s “WAPA Working for You” segment, the LPG Project Team gave an update on the work being done to prepare the plant sites for the delivery and storage of the propane tanks. St. Croix Project Coordinator, Civil Engineer Elisa Sanchez showed slides of the excavation work at the Richmond plant, while St. Thomas Project Coordinator, Mechanical Engineer Gabriel Dore, explained the blasting underway at the St. Thomas Randolph Harley Plant in preparation of that site. Both project coordinators, along with Chief Operating Officer Gregory Rhymer, presented a simulated video of the route the propane tanks will take from the manufacturer in Belgium to the Virgin Islands.

Rhymer noted that WAPA has utilized employees to coordinate and manage this project. “We tapped into the expertise and talent we have at the Authority,” said Rhymer, “thereby cutting costs of overall management.” Dore is a former recipient of the Authority’s Alva McFarlane Scholarship. Rhymer also expressed his appreciation to all WAPA employees for their assistance with all aspects of the LPG project.

The Board also took the following action:
• Approved a change in project scope for contract SC-38-13 with Dashiell Corp. to fully wire cell No. 4 on the 25Kv switchgear to allow for a spare cubicle for future use at a cost of $14,550, as well as the diversion of the duct bank away from the substation ground grid to avoid future grid interference at a cost of $102,897.76.
• Awarded a contract not to exceed $935,875 to Asplundh Tree Expert Co. to perform utility forestry control services including chemical spraying and right-of-way clearing as identified by the authority, for both districts.
• Approved a change order to extend the contract with Bryan Electrical Contracting Corp. to remove, install and terminate high voltage cables, as well as to install 4/0 200 amp elbows for elastimold manhole switch for the Frenchman’s Bay project. The total cost of the additional work will be $24,500 with a completion date of May 15, 2014.
• Authorized the Executive Director to enter into contracts to provide security services from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015, with Comprehensive Security Concepts, Inc. for St. Thomas/St. John at a cost of $706,528.50, and Intelligent Security for St. Croix at $657,109.
• Ratify action taken by the Authority to withdraw the award of the excess liability and property insurance policies from Marsh Saladana and award them to Theodore Tunick at a cost of $1,475,000 and to John L. Wortham and Sons for $2,145,000 respectively.
• Authorized establishing separate bank accounts, as mandated by the Public Services Commission, for the Water System Line Loss and the Electric System Maintenance Surcharge.
• Amended contract SC-47-13 with Rockwell Automation for an additional $143,870 to provide spare parts to CEMS/COMS at both the Harley and Richmond plants to allow the Authority to stay in compliance with Title V Air Operating permit as required by the consent decree between WAPA and the EPA.
• Approved a one year agreement with Selsia Securities to provide professional consulting to assist with establishing and administering a 457(B) Deferred Compensation Plan for WAPA employees.
Board members in attendance at Thursday’s meeting were Chairman Gerald Groner, Vice Chair Juanita Young, Secretary Noel Loftus, Elizabeth Armstrong, Donald Francois, Planning Committee Chair VIEO Director Karl Knight and Licensing and Consumer Affairs Commissioner Wayne Biggs. Planning and Natural Resources Commissioner Alicia Barnes and Cheryl Boynes-Jackson were excused.