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WAPA Assists with Repairs to STX Arthur Richards School

(Monday, June 09, 2014)

Over the weekend on St. Croix, the Arthur A. Richards Junior High School experienced electrical problems causing a blown electrical fuse on WAPA’s nearby pole. After investigating, the Authority’s crews identified a problem with the school’s high voltage underground cable system. While this is an electrical issue at the school itself and not with the Authority, WAPA crews will assist with the work on the underground cable to bring a quick resolution to the school’s electrical problem and get the students back in school as soon as possible.

The residents in nearby Estate Stoney Ground area reported hearing a loud popping sound in the area of the school over the weekend. While this may have sounded like a blown transformer, it was actually the blown fuse, which also makes a loud noise. To allay the fears of some residents, and to prevent the fuse from blowing again while the problem was being investigated, the line department isolated the area and interrupted service to a few homeowners. Once the issue was identified and repairs began, service was returned to the homeowners.

The Authority is happy to lend assistance on this matter and will work as quickly as possible to return service to the school.