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WAPA Outage Update 4 p.m.

(Saturday, April 18, 2015)

The efforts continue by personnel at the Estate Richmond power plant on St. Croix to restore power to the island following this morning’s power surge which tripped all generators and resulted in an island-wide power service interruption. WAPA personnel anticipates restoring power across the island by tonight.

Throughout the day, WAPA personnel have been going through a tedious process of troubleshooting a grounding fault with a breaker circuit that is preventing a tie in of the power generators to the feeders.  A tie in of the generators to the feeders is needed to successfully transmit electricity from the plant to the electrical distribution system and to WAPA’s customers.

Over the next hour or so, work will continue to isolate the faulting breaker and energize feeders one by one beginning with service to the power plant itself and the Juan F. Luis Hospital.