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STX Richmond Pump Station Online - Water Service Restored

(Sunday, April 19, 2015)

The Water and Power Authority’s Estate Richmond Pump Station has been repaired and is now energized. The water distribution system is currently in the process of restoring water service to all customers.  Crews worked throughout Saturday night and Sunday to repair the pump station’s electrical switch gear, which experienced a fault during Saturday’s island-wide electrical service interruption. While the island’s main pump station was offline, water was being supplied from the Authority’s reserve tanks.  As the pumps are brought on line, the system will be pressurized slowly to minimize the possibility of rupturing the distribution’s main lines.

Potable water customers at lower elevations will be first to receive the pressurized potable water, and the water pressure will gradually increase to the higher elevations. The areas most affected by the Richmond pump station being offline are: La Grand Princess, St. John’s, Peters Rest, Orange Grove and Estate Richmond.

The Authority apologizes for the inconvenience to customers.

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