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WAPA Schedules Possible STT Service Rotations

(Monday, June 29, 2015)

The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority announces a tentative schedule of rotating service interruptions on St. Thomas due to a lack of adequate generation capacity to satisfy the demand for electrical power. From 11 am – 1 pm today, service will be interrupted to portions of Feeder 7A and Feeder 9D, if needed. 

           The shortage of generation capacity stems from issues with the Authority’s workhorse generator, Unit 23.  On Sunday afternoon, during a routine inspection of the unit, a fuel leak was detected. The unit was subsequently taken offline in an effort to avoid a system wide trip, and to facilitate repairs.  Following the completion of repairs and during attempts to restart unit 23 earlier today, alarms were noticed on the unit’s control systems. Plant personnel are working diligently to resolve the alarms.  “We apologize for the inconvenience the rotating service interruptions will cause. We are confident that the alarms on Unit 23 will be cleared and we will successfully restart the unit,” said WAPA Executive Director / CEO Hugo V. Hodge, Jr.  Hodge added that at the present time three other generating units are on line, including Units 14, 15 and 25. Unit 18 is out of service being retrofitted to burn propane fuel in the generation of electricity.

Hodge said the public will be updated should additional service interruptions be required.

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