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Efforts continue to Restore Electrical Service Accross St. Croix

(Tuesday, August 25, 2015)

Lightning strikes across St. Croix Monday night in association with thundershowers resulting from the passing remnants of Danny caused pockets of service interruptions across the island.

            “Line crews in the District of St. Croix fanned across portions of the island on Tuesday to restore power interrupted primarily by lightning strikes which took out a couple of 25 and 50 KVA transformers,” said WAPA Director Hugo V. Hodge, Jr.

            By mid-afternoon Tuesday, crews had restored service in Estates Cane Carlton, Pearl, Castle Coakley, Seven Hills, All for the Better as well as in Whim and Campo Rico.

            “Late this evening, our crews remained deployed in both the Work & Rest and Green Cay areas of St. Croix working to replace the power transformers which were compromised by the frequent lightning strikes which accompanied the rains of Monday night,” Hodge said this evening.

            He said the Authority’s Line Department will continue all efforts to restore the two areas of St. Croix awaiting power restoration. “We are working to replace the transformers and restore service as safely and quickly as possible,” Hodge added.

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