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(Sunday, August 30, 2015)

WAPA Executive Director Hugo V. Hodge, Jr. said Sunday that by 11 p.m. when crews complete work for the night, all of St. Croix will “be close to having full power.” He explained that while most of the power will be restored, “there are some customers who have experienced damage to weather heads and other equipment at their homes which will prevent them from having their electricity immediately restored. There is also a subdivision on St. Croix where poles simply cannot be replanted because of the water logged ground. We have to wait until the soil dries out a bit before we can bring in the equipment necessary to replant the poles and string new lines.”

Hodge said crews are out primarily addressing various pocket outages across sections of St. Croix. The crews are getting to these as soon as possible. “We have made significant progress Saturday and Sunday toward restoring the big volumes of customers and now the tedious task of address the smaller pockets begins.” He said areas such as the rainforest on the western end of St. Croix and certain sections of the eastern end of the island presented the bigger challenges in terms of the restoration.

Hodge estimated that more than 30 poles have been replaced across St. Croix in the last two days. “There is a lot of work required in the long-term even after we restore power to the entire island. We could be looking at more than double that figure – about 60 replaced poles – by the time the work is complete.”

We will continue to address all reports of pocket outages that are received until we achieve 100% restoration. Persons who continue to experience a service interruption should report their outage information to 773-0150 or via the WAPA website at