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WAPA Board Holds Final Meeting for 2015

(Thursday, December 24, 2015)

In their final board meeting for 2015, the Governing Board of the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority made quick work of a two-item agenda. In the first item, the board authorized Executive Director/CEO Hugo V. Hodge, Jr. to enter into a contract with Linde Gas to provide equipment and supplies to treat potable water produced at the seawater reverse osmosis plants in both island districts. The contract is for a ten year period in the amount of $1,072,800.

“The post treatment of potable water authorized today uses a carbon dioxide injection point to change the water’s chemical makeup. The change will allow for calcium carbonate to be dissolved into the water. The carbonate will in turn increase the hardness of the water while changing the chemistry so as not to interact with the cast iron piping in the system,” Hodge said. He noted that without this treatment, the seawater reverse osmosis post treatment process will not function properly.

            The second agenda item before the board was a request to authorize WAPA to consent to a change in control of St. Croix Solar, LLC and St. Croix Solar II, LLC, to Gardner, STX Solar, LLC.  The item relates to Power Purchase Agreements WAPA entered into in January with the solar companies seeking to develop solar facilities on St. Croix in Estate Granard on the eastern and Estate Whites Bay on the western ends of the island. The two facilities will generate a combined six megawatts of electricity. Pursuant to the initial contract between WAPA and the solar companies, they are “prohibited from assigning or transferring the agreement without the written consent of the Authority”. With their approval at today’s meeting, the board has consented to the change in control.

            In his Executive Director’s Report, Hodge briefly outlined items before the Authority as the year comes to a close.  These include: completion of the Integrated Resources Plan (IRP), continued search for new generation, and completion of an RFP for the water rehabilitation project.

            Board members present at Wednesday’s meeting included Chairman Gerald Groner, Esq., Vice Chair Juanita Young, Secretary Noel Loftus, Director Marvin Pickering, Commissioner Gustav James, Cheryl Boynes Jackson and Elizabeth Armstrong. Commissioner Devin Carrington was excused.

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