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WAPA Board Approves FY 2017 Spending at 2016 Levels

(Thursday, June 30, 2016)

In an emergency meeting Thursday, members of the governing board of the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority authorized the Authority’s Electric and Water Systems to operate at FY 2016 budget levels as the new fiscal year begins. This will allow the Authority additional time, as the new fiscal year begins July 1st, to complete a comprehensive review of its FY 2017 budget. Board Vice-Chair Juanita Young, who chairs the board’s Finance Committee, noted that the approved resolution puts a budget in place until the 2017 budget is approved.

The board also approved the two other measures on the emergency meeting agenda:

- One year contracts for the purchase of vehicle fuel for the Authority’s fleet. On St. Croix fuel will be purchased from Gulf Oil at the rack and delivered by Chitolie Trucking to the Authority’s Estate Slob fuel station. On St. Thomas/St. John, fuel will be purchased from and delivered by Total Petroleum.

- Extension of the implementation date for the Authority’s Drug, Alcohol and Unauthorized Substance Policy from July 1, 2016 to September 12, 2016. This allows the Authority to make some necessary adjustments to the policy and ensure proper implementation.

Thursday’s meeting was held via video conference from WAPA’s offices on St. Thomas and St. Croix. Board members in attendance included Chairman Gerald Groner, Esq., Vice Chair Juanita Young, Secretary Noel Loftus, Commissioner Gustav James, Director Marvin Pickering and Cheryl Boynes-Jackson. Commissioner Devin Carrington and Elizabeth Armstrong were excused.

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