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Senior Citizens’ Day This Saturday on St. John

(Tuesday, May 01, 2018)

On Saturday May 5, 2018, WAPA will open the Customer Service Office on St. John, from 8 am to 12 pm, to accommodate senior customers, or customers with a disability, who may have questions or concerns about their electrical or potable water bill, or who may want to make a payment on their account. 

The Authority is focused on reducing the customers’ wait time at the customer service offices, and has implemented this day to afford our senior customers the ability to have their utility concerns addressed, without the long wait. Customers who take advantage of this day must have the electrical and/or water accounts in their name, and senior citizens are asked to be prepared to show identification verifying their senior status.

The Authority will host a Senior Citizens’ Day one Saturday of each month.

Other options are available to alleviate the wait time, for those customers who may only want to pay on a utility bill. These include utilizing the payment kiosks, located at Petrus Plaza on St. Thomas, from 6 am to 11pm daily, and in the customer service office on St. Croix during business hours, or the Pay Your Bill Online feature of the WAPA website,