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WAPA and St. Croix Community Foundation Tag Team to Restore Lighting in Time Square Christiansted

Dec 22, 2020


St. Croix Time Square is once again well-illuminated with lights aglow just in time for the 2020 holiday season, thanks to a joint effort by the St. Croix Community Foundation and the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority.

The public-private partnership brought an end to more than two years of darkness in the popular area of Christiansted, also known as Sunday Market Square.

"When the St. Croix Community Foundation reached out to WAPA a couple of months ago for assistance in restoring the functionality of the previously installed lights, it was an easy decision for the Authority. We deployed our line crews, electricians, and other personnel to determine the best path forward to repair and restore the lights,” said Lawrence J. Kupfer, Executive Director / CEO.

Kupfer said the foundation has worked tirelessly for years to revitalize the historic town districts, and in the case of Time Square, transform the area. “Not only is the area once again illuminated, a safety concern over past incidents due to the darkness created by the non-working lights has been addressed. “Our crews worked for several weeks to address faulty electrical wiring, and replace ballasts, bulbs and other equipment. In some cases, light fixtures were completely replaced. This is truly a win-win for everyone who traverse through Christiansted at night, visitors and residents alike, and WAPA was pleased to step in and assist."

More than $4,000 worth of equipment was replaced with WAPA providing the manpower necessary to bring about a successful restoration of lighting in Time Square. “I thank the men and women of WAPA who worked on this project and St. Croix Administrator Sammuel Sanes for his personal involvement in seeing this project through. The initiative is an example of the results that can be achieved when the public and private sectors come together for the benefit of the wider community,” Kupfer said. On behalf the entire WAPA family, I extend best wishes to all for a safe, happy, and joyous holiday season,” he added.

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