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Five New Water Pumps Commissioned To Normalize Potable Water Service; High Demand On The Water Distribution System By Customers On West End, St. Croix

Mar 21, 2019

With five new pumps fully commissioned at three pumping stations on St. Croix, water service has returned to normal for customers on the west end of the island. The final two pumps were initialized at the Contentment site on Wednesday joining one that was activated there on Tuesday, and two others, at Concordia and Richmond, which were brought on-line on Tuesday as well.

“Our personnel continue to tweak the system and carry out inspections to confirm that the distribution system is functioning normally. During this process, we expect continued improved service to our customers,” said Lawrence J. Kupfer, Executive Director / CEO, WAPA.

The five-million gallon tank at Kingshill maintained a five-foot level throughout the day today, and there are reports of significant demand on the system by customers from mid-island to west end, including Frederiksted town. “There are some final adjustments being made at the Contentment pump station. Overall, the system is normalizing and we will continue to monitor the system closely for the next several days,” Kupfer added. Our goal is to continue increasing storage capacity at the tank in the days ahead while ensuring that customers who have suffered through days of low water pressure or no service now have reliable water service.

WAPA urges customers who continue to experience complete water service interruptions to call 340-773-2250, Option 4, or e-mail communications@viwapa.vi.