Meter Tampering

Meter tampering and diversion of service is illegal. The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority’s mission is to identify meter tampering and/or current/water diversion, irregular metering conditions, incorrect billing, cases of fraud, and to initiate action to recover lost revenues. The Revenue Assurance Program is a declaration of the Authority’s commitment to detect and deter the tampering and theft of electricity and water throughout its service areas.

All cases of suspected meter tampering will be investigated and WAPA will pursue criminal charges through the Virgin Islands Department of Justice.

All employees, customers and the general public, that are caught tampering, will be fined, and/or disconnected for each incident, and back-billed for all unbilled electricity/water, used during the period of tampering.

The 25th Legislature of the Virgin Islands increased the fines imposed against persons convicted of the misdemeanor offense of tampering.
First time offenders will pay a fine of $500.00 and repeat offenders, a minimum of $1,000.00.

Report Meter Tampering, Energy and Water Theft

Tampering with a utility meter is dangerous, illegal and drives up costs for honest customers. Although WAPA works to minimize the cost, this energy loss is shared by all WAPA customers. You can help reduce costs for all customers by notifying WAPA if you see or hear about someone other than a WAPA-authorized employee working on a meter or bragging about bypassing the meter, or if you believe a meter has been altered.

Do not feel obligated or forced to give your name. Our responsibility is to promptly and thoroughly investigate/document reported incidents of tampering.

Please Help Us Stop Energy Theft

Report illegal or wasteful activities to the Internal Audit Revenue Asurance (IARA) Division.

Your information will be kept confidential and you can remain anonymous.

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Anyone caught stealing electricity or tampering with meters will be subject to full prosecution.