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WAPA Celebrates World Water Day with Commitment to Quality Water and Infrastructure Upgrades

Mar 22, 2024

As the world comes together to observe World Water Day on March 22, the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (WAPA or Authority) announces its dedication to providing quality water through extensive infrastructure upgrades. In alignment with this year's theme, "Protecting our Waters, For Future Generations," reaffirming the commitment to enhancing water infrastructure to ensure access to safe drinking water for all. 

Infrastructure Upgrades: At WAPA, we understand the critical importance of modernizing water infrastructure to meet the needs of our growing community. One significant aspect of this initiative involves replacing old ductile iron pipes with PVC, enhancing durability and efficiency while minimizing water loss. These upgrades improve the reliability of water supply and contribute to water conservation efforts.  

Community Engagement: Keeping the community informed about ongoing water rehabilitation projects is essential to fostering transparency and trust. To this end, the Authority has established a dedicated section online at (https://www.viwapa.vi/news-information/projects/water-rehabilitation-replacement-projects) where residents can access information about current projects, timelines, and potential impacts on water service. Additional information on Public Education Outreach can be found at https://www.viwapa.vi/stxwater.  

Gratitude to Partners: WAPA extends gratitude to federal and local partners who have provided the necessary funding to complete these critical projects, including the Department of Planning and Natural Resources (DPNR), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Office of Disaster Recovery (ODR), Office of the Governor, Department of Interior (DOI) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Their support has been instrumental in realizing our vision of a modern and resilient water infrastructure. Beginning with St. Croix, WAPA has embarked on an extensive overhaul of the water distribution system territory-wide, representing a $1 billion investment.  

Social Media Campaign: The Authority invites community members to join in spreading awareness. Through engaging posts, infographics, and videos, WAPA encourages the community to also commit to water conservation, the importance of clean water access, and ways individuals can contribute to preserving this precious resource. Follow WAPA on Facebook and Instagram [@USVIWAPA]. 

The Authority remains steadfast in our mission to deliver safe, reliable, and sustainable water services to our community. In recognition of WAPA’s water department personnel who work tirelessly to ensure the supply of safe drinking water to the community, please join in thanking them for their dedication. On World Water Day and every day, WAPA reaffirms the commitment to valuing water and preserving this precious resource for generations to come.