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The PSC Gains Valuable Insights During Randolph Harley Power Plant Visit on St. Thomas

Apr 17, 2024

ST. THOMAS, U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS – Public Service Commission (PSC) Commissioners and staff had the opportunity to visit the Randolph Harley Power Plant and Seven Seas water production plant last week Wednesday on St. Thomas. During the visit, they gained invaluable insights into the intricate processes involved in generating power and producing safe water, as well as the ongoing efforts to maintain and repair older generation units among other major updates.

The highlight of the tour was the presentation on the upcoming newer generation units, which promise to revolutionize our production capabilities and have a significant positive impact on our operations and the community.

One of the key takeaways from the visit was the in-depth explanation of how drinking water is created from seawater through our partnership with Seven Seas. This innovative approach ensures a sustainable and reliable source of drinking water for community members.

"We are excited about the upcoming newer generation units and the positive impact they will have on our ability to meet the growing demand for power in our community. This visit has reinforced our dedication to excellence and continuous improvement,” Kevin Harrigan, Interim Plant Superintendent, at the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority.


"On behalf of the Commission, we extend our gratitude to WAPA for their courtesy in providing the tour. It's always helpful to visit the facility when addressing the issues we deal with. The tour was very informative for everyone involved,” stated Chairman Pedro Williams, PSC Commission Chairman.

The visit not only provided a comprehensive overview of our current operations but also fostered meaningful discussions on future projects and collaborations. We look forward to continued partnerships and opportunities to showcase our commitment to efficiency, sustainability, and community well-being.  

Visit WAPA’s YouTube page for a video highlighting the tour at https://youtu.be/KRZI7MTQg8M