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WAPA Resumes Disconnection Procedures For Delinquent Accounts With November’s Billing For Electrical Service

Nov 28, 2018

As the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority works to return all of its facilities to the pre-storm operational levels, and while it continues efforts to rebuild a more efficient, resilient and reliable electrical system for the future, the public is advised that WAPA will resume its normal disconnection procedures for non-payment, beginning with bills issued this month.

“The issuance of bills in November marks the resumption of 30-day billing – the issuance of an electrical bill every 30 days. WAPA has now resumed its normal billing practices which also includes disconnection of service for non-payment. WAPA has not disconnected customers for non-payment since last year’s hurricanes,” said Executive Director Lawrence J. Kupfer.

In explaining the disconnection policy, Kupfer noted that a bill issued on November 6th is due twenty days later, on November 26th. That bill becomes delinquent on November 27th and a late notice is issued the following day. If not paid, that account is subject to disconnection 14 days later, on December 12th.

Kupfer thanked WAPA’s customers for their patience as they experienced several multi-month bills which created a hardship for some. In light of this, WAPA has offered assistance to those customers who required payment plans. “Over the next few days, customers will see and hear public messages about the resumption of 30-day billing cycle. I encourage everyone who has an outstanding issue with an electrical or potable account to contact our Customer Service offices at Sunny Isle on St. Croix, Port of Sale Mall on St. Thomas, and The Marketplace on St. John. Our representatives will work with those customers to resolve outstanding issues pertinent to their account.”