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WAPA Urges Customers To Make Timely Payments On Electric And Water Bills And Avoid Service Disconnection

Jan 15, 2019

WAPA reminds its customers to make timely payment on electrical and water bills to avoid disconnection of service.

The Authority resumed its disconnection policy in November, and relaxed that policy around the 2018 holiday season. “WAPA’s disconnection procedures for non-payment has resumed and customers are urged to either make payment on their account or visit a customer service office to resolve any outstanding issues regarding their bill,” said Executive Director / CEO Lawrence J. Kupfer.

Bills are issued by the Authority every 30 days for an approximate 30-day service period.

In explaining the disconnection policy, Kupfer noted that a bill issued on January 6th is due twenty days later, on January 26th. That bill becomes delinquent on January 27th, and a late notice is issued the following day. If not paid, that account is subject to disconnection 14 days later, on February 12th.

Accounts that are disconnected for non-payment are subject to a reconnection fee of $25 before service can be restored.

WAPA customer service offices are located at Sunny Isle, St. Croix; The Marketplace, St. John, and at Port of Sale Mall on St. Thomas.