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Estate Richmond Potable Water Stand Pipe Resumes 24-Hour Operating Schedule Friday

Mar 21, 2019

With potable water service to the west end of St. Croix normalized, and water inventory levels at the Kingshill storage tank increasing, WAPA will reinstate the 24-hour a day operating schedule at the Richmond potable water standpipe on Friday morning.

“Lifting the restricted hours of operations on the standpipe is one more indication that the water challenges of the past two weeks are behind us,” said Executive Director / CEO Lawrence J. Kupfer. Water personnel continue to make tweaks to the system and at the three pumps stations to gain even more efficiency from the system. “At late afternoon Thursday, the Kingshill storage tank water level stood at six feet with a noted heavy demand for water service by our customers due to continued dry conditions.”

Crews are expected to continue to monitor the system as well as the quality of water being distributed. “We are aware of some areas experiencing discolored water and portions of the system will be flushed as needed to address this matter,” he said.

Kupfer thanked the men and women of the WAPA Water Division on St. Croix who have worked tirelessly to assist in recovering the water system, and getting the Authority past the crisis we faced. “A grateful community joins me and your colleagues at WAPA in expressing our thanks and appreciation for your dedicated efforts.”

Kupfer encouraged any customer from mid-island to west end St. Croix who may be experiencing a complete water service interruption to call the Water Distribution Division at 340-773-2250, Option 4 or email communications@viwapa.vi.