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With Repairs Completed, Full Restoration Of Potable Water Service On St. Thomas Expected By Monday Night

Apr 08, 2019
Water Distribution crews completed repairs to a ruptured 24-inch water main along the St. Thomas waterfront bulkhead on Monday facilitating the restoration of service to customers in a number of affected areas.

WAPA Chief Operating Officer, Water System, Noel Hodge said crews completed excavation of the damaged section of pipe early this morning. “Our crews removed approximately 19 feet of cast iron pipeline and replaced it with new piping. By mid-afternoon, crews began to slowly recharge the water system. It is expected that the water distribution system will be flushed before water service is restored to customers this evening in a bid to avoid any discolored water reaching our customers.”

Ahead of the water main repairs, underground electrical transmission cables which run parallel to the compromised waterline were de-energized to allow crews to safely carry out the water system repairs. “The electrical grid was reconfigured and, in essence, bypassed the transmission lines which connect the Randolph Harley Power Plant to electrical substations in Long Bay, Tutu, and St. John,” said Clinton Hedrington Jr., Chief Operating Officer, Electrical System. “Customers did see momentary service interruptions on a few feeders earlier today when we extended the reach of the feeders, and again this afternoon when we normalized the electric grid at the completion of the water system repairs.”

Hodge anticipated that all affected customers would see a restoration of potable water service by Monday night.

WAPA Chief Executive Officer Lawrence J. Kupfer thanked the men and women of the Authority who have “worked tirelessly this weekend to restore service on the electrical and water distribution systems. I extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our electrical, water and administrative staffs for their efforts over the last few days. I also thank our customers for their patience and understanding as we worked through the challenges which confronted our electrical and water systems.”

Persons who may be experiencing an isolated electrical or water service interruption should contact WAPA at 340-774-3552, Option 4 or email, communications@viwapa.vi