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WAPA Advises Customers of Reinstatement of Disconnection Policy for Delinquent Accounts

Nov 13, 2020

The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority announces the resumption of its disconnection policy for customer accounts more than 20 days overdue. Approximately 12,500 past due accounts totaling $20.6 million are put on notice of the need to collect starting with the ongoing billing cycle.


In consideration of the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, no late fees or disconnections have been levied since March of this year, however, the disconnection policy is reinstated beginning with electric and water bills dated November 17, 2020.

“Like any business, WAPA depends on ratepayer income to operate the company. Our staff has been stretching to meet overhead, energy supply, and operational costs for continued generation and the company must act now before we reach a crisis,” said WAPA Chief Executive Officer Lawrence J. Kupfer.

As of today, the average delinquent electrical commercial client owes $3,301 dating back to February usage while the average delinquent electrical residential customer owes $738 for the same period. Both residential and commercial active accounts benefited earlier this year from the governor’s $15.5 million Cares Act which credited $250 per active residential electrical account and $500 for each commercial account.

“We recognize that more than 81% of our customers have diligently made uninterrupted payments for power and water usage enabling the Authority to continue to provide services to all regardless of payment. We do not want to penalize these clients by raising rates to make up losses from customers who continue to utilize power and water services without making payment,” Kupfer said.