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Governing Board Approves Items for Electric and Water System and Insurance Coverage at Monthly Meeting

Mar 29, 2021

Governing Board Approves Electric and Water System Enhancements, Contract Extensions, Revised Contracting Guidelines and Liability Insurance Coverage at Monthly Meeting

The governing board of the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority has approved several items relating to the electric system, ongoing water projects, physical security, insurance coverage as well as the procurement of varied materials and supplies.

Approved unanimously at a meeting on March 25 were:

• Contract price increase and extension for phase two of the Frederiksted Waterline Rehabilitation Project. The project, once completed, will significantly improve water quality to customers on St. Croix’s west end while reducing system losses.

• Contract extension for equipment installation at the Estate Richmond Power Plant. The contract is with Fortress Electric and the equipment will enhance the operability of the power plant while providing increased safety features.

• Time extension on a contract with RG Engineering. The no-cost extension will ensure greater levels of operational redundancy at the St. John electrical substation. The contract also provides for emergency testing of a transformer at the newly constructed East End electrical substation on St. Thomas. The testing is required prior to the activation of the electrical distribution system at the substation.

• Procurement of cables and other equipment from American Wire Group for the St. John electrical underground project.

• 24-month contracts with Comprehensive Security Concepts, Inc. for security guard coverage at facilities territory-wide.

• Limited contract extensions with Comprehensive Security Concepts Inc. and Vigilant Investigative Services LLC for guard services at territory-wide facilities. The extensions are necessary to facilitate execution of new two-year contracts for security coverage.

• Bovoni Point wind project on St. Thomas.

• Revised contract administration guidelines.

• A general liability insurance contract with Theodore Tunick & Company for a three- year period beginning in April.

In executive session the board discussed and later voted publicly to authorize the governing board’s counsel to oversee all WAPA litigation matters as well as the implementation of all policies approved by the governing board. The law firm of Mc Chain, Hamm, and St. Jean, LLP was previously retained as legal counsel to the board.

Board members in attendance included Chairman Anthony D. Thomas, Vice Chairman Jed JohnHope, Secretary Juanita Young, Directors Joel Lee and Kyle Fleming, Elizabeth Armstrong, Hubert Turnbull, and Cheryl Boynes Jackson.

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