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WAPA Governing Board Approves Several Measures at April Meeting

Apr 27, 2022

The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority’s Governing Board met today and acted on several matters pertaining to the operation of the Authority. The Governing Board voted to approve each measure on the agenda as follows:

Messer Gas Contract SC-15-16 & SC-36-17 - Vendor Name Change & Increased Equipment Rental Cost

The Governing Board approved permit amendments to SC-15-16 & SC-36-17 to properly reflect an agreement with General Gases of the V.I., now doing business as Messer Gas and to approve the rental cost increase from $1,500.00 per/month to $2,100.00 per/month on both contracts.

General Liability Insurance

The Governing Board approved the increase in insurance based upon current market trends and the limited availability of insurers in the excess premium has increased from last year’s rate of $315,000.00 to $345,093.75 (an increase of 30,093.74). It also authorized the Executive Director to renew the policy via Theodore Tunick and Company for a period of 1 year. This will provide the Authority with continued Excess Liability Insurance coverage beginning May 2022 to April 2023 at an increased cost of $30,093.74.

Aggreko - 13-week Extension

The Governing Board authorized CEO/Executive Director Andrew L. Smith to contract with Aggreko LLC for a 13-week extension to the existing lease agreement at the same terms and conditions as included in the existing lease agreement. The Water and Power Authority relies on the generating capacity leased from Aggreko as part of its fleet of generating capacity on St. Croix, and the generation capacity leased from Aggreko is currently the Water and Power Authority’s most efficient fossil-fired generating capacity on St. Croix. The Water and Power Authority expects to use the 13-week extension of the existing contract to determine the optimal structure for continued use of the existing Aggreko units.

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