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WAPA Working Closely with US Coast Guard to Mitigate Lind­bergh Bay Oil Spill

Nov 17, 2023

U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS – The US Coast Guard’s investigation has confirmed a correlation between the recent oil spill that occurred in Lindbergh Bay and the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority’s (“WAPA” or “Authority”) Randolph Harley Power Plant (RHPP).  Analysis of the oil samples indicate the presence of an oil from a previous spill 7 years prior, suggesting the most recent spill combined with extensive rainfall, served as a catalyst for the Lindbergh Bay event.

"The Authority stands firm in its dedication to safeguarding the pristine beauty and ecological vitality of the Virgin Islands," stated CEO/Executive Director Andrew Smith. "We are working diligently alongside the US Coast Guard and DPNR with the help of our subcontractors and will be presenting a formal plan for oil removal and any long-term monitoring required to protect and ensure the thorough cleanup and restoration of Lindbergh Bay."

WAPA has been actively collaborating with the US Coast Guard and the Department of Planning and Natural Resources (DPNR) to ensure a comprehensive waterside oil spill clean-up is conducted along the eastern shore of Lindbergh Bay.  Containment measures have been successfully implemented and the Authority remains unwavering in its commitment to environmental protection and preserving the natural resources of the Virgin Islands.

For further updates on the cleanup progress and additional information, the public is encouraged to stay tuned to official announcements from the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority at: https://www.viwapa.vi/news-information/press-releases.

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